7SM65 UNO MAS is a  Dream On x Goldmine

This Simmental calving ease sire is generating gentle, good-looking calves that excel for API and TI.

The Simmental Association’s API (All Purpose Index) evaluates sires being used on the entire cowherd with a portion of their daughters being retained for breeding and the steers and remaining heifers being put on feed and sold grade and yield. All EPDs, with the exception of tenderness, are taken into consideration in this index. UNO MAS ranks in the Top 2% in the Simmental Breed for this Index.

The Simmental Association also tracks  TI (Terminal Index). The TI is designed for evaluating sires’ economic merit in situations where they are bred to mature Angus cows and all offspring are placed in the feedlot and sold grade and yield. Consequently,maternal traits such as milk, stayabilityand maternal calving easeare not considered in the index. UNO MAS ranks in the Top 5% of the Simmental Breed for TI.

His sire and dam have both made their mark—now he’s making his own.

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