Select Sires and Jerseyland Sires have established a marketing relationship that will provide Select Sires’ customers worldwide with access to the balanced Jersey sires Jerseyland Sires has been known for proving and supplying for more than 35 years.

“Select Sires is committed to enhancing the genetic quality available in the Jersey breed and have found a partner in Jerseyland Sires who also shares that passion and commitment,” explained David Thorbahn, Select Sires president and CEO. “We feel this combination of two industry leaders will supply an amazing offering of Jersey sires for our customer-owners.”

Select Sires will offer sires annually from Jerseyland Sires while continuing to market sires from River Valley Farm and source additional elite sires for the traditional Program for Genetic Advancement™ (PGA™) from Jersey breeders. This combined genetic development will  provide Jersey customers with a large, diverse lineup of leading Jersey sires.

“Jerseyland Sires and our member-owners are very excited about the opportunities presented by this partnership with Select Sires,” said Tyler Boyd, general manager of Jerseyland Sires. “I am looking forward to working closely with the team at Select Sires to develop even more reasons for breeders to join the Jersey Revolution™!”

The first Jerseyland Sires program sires will have semen available in the summer of 2016. All Jerseyland sires will carry the “7JE” stud code and be available for purchase through your local Select Sires sales representative.

“I’ve watched the Jerseyland Sires program develop over the last 30 years and admired the respect the owners carried for each other,” said Jeff Ziegler, Select Sires genomic program manager. “This same respect and trust fits beautifully into the Select Sires Jersey Revolution model. Both Jerseyland Sires and Select Sires have a long-term commitment toward Jersey genetic profitability that will benefit our customers for generations to come. Profit-driven genetics and programs will only be enhanced for all Jersey customers through Jerseyland Sires’ involvement.”

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