Holstein New Graduates

The August sire summary presented us with 11 new exceptional Holstein proven graduates; nine “7HO” and two “250HO”, sired by six different sire fathers. We were excited for the fi rst proofs from early 7HO11314 MOGUL sons and we were not disappointed. Our sire team has been impressed with the milking 7HO12165 MONTROSS daughters they had been seeing in the fi eld and we have been anticipating his August proof. Well, the excitement continues with his debut at +2613 GTPI®, +765 Net Merit (NM$), +2,523 Milk, +73 Protein, +2.27 PTAT, +2.8 Sire Conception Rate (SCR) and 6.9% Sire Calving Ease. MONTROSS is certainly the most exciting new proven sire in the industry today.
–Charlie Will, manager of Holstein sire program

We strengthen the top end of our lineup in all of the very important traits listed below.

• Elite TPI sires, five new from +2401 to +2613 TPI
• Elite NM$ sires, six new from +609 to +765 NM$
• Elite Milk sires, two new from +2,158 to +2,523 Milk
• Elite Combined Fat and Protein (CFP) sires, six new from +102 to +159 CFP
• High-component sires, six new plus on %F and %P
• High-Type sires, three new from +2.27 to +2.69 PTAT
• High Udder Composite (UDC) sire, one new +3.03 UDC
• High Feet and Leg Composite sires, three new from +2.17 to +2.78 FLC
• Calving Ease sires, nine new from 6.0% to 7.3% DBH
• Nine new FeedPRO® sires
• Five new graduates with Sire Conception Rates (SCR) from +1.7 to +3.2

7HO12165 Bacon-Hill MONTROSS-ET (VG-88)
MOGUL x (EX-93-2E-EX-MS-GMD-DOM) Bolton x (EX-90-EX-MS) Rolex x (VG-85) Trent
• +2613 GTPI-breed’s highest new-release sire with milking daughters
• Widely used genomic sire delivers as a proven sire
• Early MOGUL son with milking daughters
• Huge yield deviations for Milk (+2,523), Fat (+86) and Protein (+73) validate
early predications
• Continues to be a great fertility (+2.8 SCR) and Calving Ease specialist
• Field reports on milking daughters are unanimously good
• Complete type profi le based on genomic data: +2.27 PTAT
• Moderate frames = FeedPRO king

Seagull-Bay Mt4651 10748-ET (GP-81)
Endres Berryridge Farms LLC, Waunakee, Wis.

7HO11836 Melarry Robust MILES-ET (VG-87)
7HO10524 ROBUST x (VG-88-EX-MS) 7HO10176 AL x (VG-85-DOM) 7HO6782 ZENITH x (GP-84-DOM) 7HO6417 O MAN
• Debuts as a top-30 TPI sire (+2444) with balanced proof
• Big-time improver of Fat (+.14%F)
• A2A2-certified
• Sires moderate stature and a huge rear udder improver
• Different maternal line: ROBUST x AL x ZENITH x O MAN
• Already a favorite of dairy producers across the country

7HO11598 De-Su ROBUST ERIC 11024-ET (VG-87)
ROBUST x (VG-85) Ramos x (EX-92-EX-MS-GMD-DOM) Shottle x (GP-82-GMD-DOM) O MAN
• New graduate ranking on the top-50 Holstein TPI list at +2403
• FeedPRO specialist and component improver (+.11%F and +.07%P)
• Extreme improver for daughter fertility (+3.4 Daughter Pregnancy Rate) and Productive Life (PL) (+7.1)
• Calving Ease specialist at 6.0%DBH

7HO11838 Sully MORDEN 270-ET (VG-87)
7HO10848 GRAFEETI x (GP-83-DOM) 7HO8081 PLANET x (EX-91-2E-EX-MS-DOM) Shottle x (EX-90-DOM) O MAN
• High TPI (+2401), NM$ (+628) and Wellness Trait Index™ (WT$™) (+116)
• GRAFEETI son from well-proven Shottle May family
• FeedPRO and Calving Ease specialist (7.3% DBH) siring moderate stature
• Proven SCR at +1.7
• Highly sought after aAa code of 156342
• Easy mating for MOGUL blood

7HO11725 Ladys-Manor Sham GRIN-ET
7HO10849 SHAMROCK x (EX-91-2E-EX-MS-DOM) Freddie x (EX-92-EX-MS-GMD-DOM) Goldwyn x (EX-90-EX-MS-GMD-DOM) Debut
• Great Milk production: +1,661M
• 6.2% calving ease for heifer A.I. programs
• Dam is a full sister to GRAFEETI
• No MOGUL or 7HO11351 SUPERSIRE in his pedigree
• Another graduate with big yield deviations for production
• Nice option for MONTROSS and MOGUL granddaughters

7HO11647 S-S-I Snowman POLICE-ET (VG-87)
Snowman x (EX-90-GMD-DOM) PLANET x (VG-86) Die-Hard x (EX-91-3E-EX-MS-GMD-DOM) Outside
• Snowman son with a deep pedigree of successful cows for many breeders
• Extreme yield with +128 CFP, +2,158M and even higher daughter yield deviations
• A former FertilityPRO™ sire and now +3.2 SCR with nice calving ease (7.2% DBH)
• A WellnessPRO™ sire and elite WT$ at +261
• Ideal mating for MOGUL, 7HO11169 PETRONE and 7HO11283 MAYFIELD bloodlines

7HO11830 Morningview Bookem LUCID-ET (EX-91)
7HO10721 BOOKEM x (EX-90-2E-EX-MS-DOM) Shottle x (VG-86-DOM) O MAN x (VG-87-GMD-DOM) 7HO5157 DURHAM
• Complete-package BOOKEM son from a popular high-producing cow family at Morningview
• Balanced proof to improve milk production and more than +2.0 for rear udder height and width
• Calving ease at 6.8% DBH
• Excellent cross for all the MOGUL and SUPERSIRE daughters

7HO11926 S-S-I Mogul DEFENDER-ET
MOGUL x (EX-90-EX-MS) Man-O-Man x (EX-93-2E-EX-MS-GMD-DOM) Durham x (EX-95-4E-EX-MS-GMDDOM) Rudolph
• Very early proven MOGUL son at four years, two months of age
• Great calving ease: 6.3% DBH
• Terrific Type (+2.69) with elite UDC (+3.03)
• Built for longevity in the freestalls and adds more strength than dairyness
• Use on SUPERSIRE bloodlines

7HO11893 Siemers Shamrock ROZ-MAN-ET (EX-91)
SHAMROCK x (EX-91-EX-MS) Man-O-Man x (EX-91-EX-MS) 7HO7156 ELEGANT x (EX-95-2E-EX-MS-DOM) Outside
• New top-100 TPI sire (+2337) and a fertility specialist at +1.8 SCR
• One of SHAMROCK’s best sons for Milk at +1,390
• From back to back Excellent (91) dams
• Outstanding modern linear profi le and huge milk records from his dam; a member of the most dominant cow family at Siemers Holsteins
• High-reliability sire at 94% Rel. with 141 daughters in 75 herds

GenerVations New Graduates

250HO1040 Gillette CALENDAR (VG-86)
Snowman x (VG-88-DOM) Baxter x (EX-92-2E-EX-MS-GMD-DOM) Goldwyn x (VG-89-EX-MS-DOM) O MAN
• Elite Type sire (+2.54) with a different sire stack
• A Snowman son from the world-famous Ralma Christmas Cookie (VG-89-EX-MS-DOM) cow family
• Top-50 GLPI sire (+2875) and +16 Conformation, +12 Mammary System and +15 Feet and Legs in Canada
• Made to order mating for ROBUST, BOOKEM, PLANET, 7HO11477 MCCUTCHEN and MOGUL lines

250HO11837 Sully MCCORD 269-ET
7HO10848 GRAFEETI x (GP-83-DOM) 7HO8081 PLANET x (EX-91-2E-EX-MS-DOM) Shottle x (EX-90-DOM) O MAN
• WellnessPRO sire, predicted to make cows that last
• A2A2-certifi ed
• Component improver: +.12%F
• Calving Ease specialist at 6.4% DBH
• Improves udder attachments
• GRAFEETI son from well-proven Shottle May cow family
• Use to improve daughter fertility

Jersey New Graduates

7JE1242 All Lynns Hendrix NITRO JH1F JH2F
Hendrix x (E-91%) 7JE1000 TBONE x (E-90%) 7JE738 LOUIE x (VG-85%) 7JE442 PARAMOUNT
• Incredible DPR: +1.9
• Balanced production and a deep cow family with two excellent dams
• Awesome SCR: +2.9
• Makes balanced cows with beautiful udders
• Proven transmitting cow family with huge production and type
• Usable sire stack to make the kind dairy producers like

Premier x (E-95%) 7JE329 CENTURION x (E-90%) 7JE321 D.C. x (VG-80%) 7JE207 HERMITAGE
• Health-trait star with extreme DPR (+2.3)
• Component improver: +.08%F and +.03%P
• +21.4 Jersey Udder Index™ (JUI™)
• Pedigree to believe in; dam is Excellent (95%) CENTURION
• Respectable SCR (+1.2) and Productive Life (+5.5) that breeders demand
• Big-time customer satisfaction star with the daughters around the country to prove it

7JE1254 Den-Kel Hendrix JAMMER{4}-ET JH1F JH2F
Hendrix x (VG-88%) DALE x (E-91%) Impuls x (E-92%) Lemvig
• Huge JPI™: +166
• Violet-free pedigree
• Awesome SCR (+4.7) with positive DPR (+0.8)
• FeedPRO sire that makes the profi table kind
• Outcross genetics with a low EFI of 5.7%

7JE1274 Sugar Grove Valentino AXIS JH1F JH2F
7JE1038 VALENTINO x (VG-87%) Restore x (VG-87%) Avery x (E-90%) 7JE254 BERRETTA
• High-ranking JPI at +183
• Great SCR of +2.5
• Combining two Select Sires success stories: a VALENTINO son from 7JE590 ACTION’s cow family
• A2A2-certifi ed
• FeedPRO and high Milk (+1,334) makes profi table stars

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