All-West Select Sires is pleased to announce that Chris Parreira has joined the technician team.  Chris will be working throughout southern California with the salespeople and SMS evaluators, providing professional reproductive breeding services.

Chris is a Tulare, CA, native, growing up on the 1800-cow dairy that his father managed.  A graduate of Tulare Union High School, he was very active in the FFA program and a member of the judging team.  Before joining All-West Select Sires, he was employed by Animal Health International (Walco Dairy Supply) and worked as a part-time independent breeder.  Chris has a strong dairy heritage as his grandfather and family owned & operated a dairy in Portugal, and in fact, Chris and his cousin Mike (who also works at All-West) are the first generation in their family to be born in the United States.

“I really wanted to find a career that would involve working with animals, but also working with people to help them improve their genetics,” said Chris.  “I’ve always been interested in how we can improve the dairy cattle population with great genetics, and Select Sires is one of the best companies in California and in the country to help with that.  Select is a household name and has a great reputation. I really wanted to be part of that!”

When Chris isn’t representing All-West Select Sires, he’s very much involved in his family heritage and local Portuguese events & festivals.  Once an accomplished Portuguese bull fighter, Chris admits he gave up participating, but still enjoys watching his friends and relatives compete.

Chris began work in mid-October and will continue to be a familiar face in herds in, and around, the Tulare/Visalia area.

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