April 2014 Canadian Dairy Network released the Top Holstein Genomic Young Sire list. Take a close look at the top 50 sires…we think you’ll see a ripple of Select Sires there…

• Top 20 highest genomic young sires in Canada are ALL sired by 7H bulls – 7H11351 Supersire, 7H11477 McCutchen, 7H11314 Mogul, 7H10721 Bookem & 7H10524 Robust

• In the Top 50 highest genomic young sires in Canada – all but FIVE are either sired by a Select Sires bull, or they have a 7H code themselves.

The influence of Select Sires’ lineup reaches far beyond the borders of Plain City, Ohio. We might just be onto something when our competitors use Select Sires bulls to enhance their own genomic young sire programs.Check out the breed’s #1 source of industry leading genetics and make an impact on your herd!

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