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What a crazy summer it has been.  While the weather patterns may have changed causing it to rain too much in some areas and not at all in others, it certainly is comforting to know that the Select Sires Jersey program is reliable!   Herby and I have been traveling to various parts of the country since the April proofs and listening as you talk about your successes with Select Sires Jerseys.  For me here on the west coast, it’s very rewarding to hear about the great conception rates from your 7JE semen, even during the warmest days of the season.

During July, Select Sires hosted the members of the 2015 Jersey Youth Academy class.  During their visit, these young Jersey enthusiasts got the chance to get a first-hand look at the facilities, the collection process and even a special bull parade featuring 7JE1038 VALENTINO.   Each time I hear about VALENTINO being on parade for visitors, I am told about his ability to come out and impress his viewers.  His tremendous frame, deep rib and ease of movement is impressive to see.   More importantly, these same characteristics are seen in his daughters everywhere, along with some amazing udders.

The Jersey Youth Academy Class 4 poses with VALENTINO during their visit to Select Sires. California’s Regina Pozzi was a participant (and posted this photo on Facebook!).

VALENTINO sons are starting to carry on their father’s legacy and have that same will to milk, lead the herd to the parlor and have the same great udders we’ve come to appreciate.  Sons like 7JE1163 IRWIN and 7JE1151 GALVANIZE are just two examples that have already graduated and are making their own impact.  With more sons on the list for August graduation consideration, VALENTINO is truly positioning himself as a living legend.

Heartland Irwin Myra-ET (VG-85%

I recently had an opportunity to see some second lactation 7JE1088 COLTON daughters.   They are calving in as expected and are milking extremely well.  More importantly, their udders are even more spectacular with a second calving and the reports on his ability to settle cows is stunning.  I’ve also seen a few early 7JE1149 DIMENSION daughters recently fresh with their second calf, and they’ve got tremendous frames, great udder crease and impressive mobility.  This bull has the ability to be a huge impact player in the breed with his extreme protein percent and fitness values.

Group of Colton daughters at Charlyn Farms

Yet, we can’t forget others like 7JE1169 TOPEKA, 7JE859 RILEY or 7JE1190 FASTRACK.  These bulls are making the right kind that will be around for a long, long time.

Ahlem Fastrack Wanda 41030 (VG-82%)

River Valley Fastrack C Salina (VG-87%)

Last week, I toured the great Northwest. Consistency was the answer for the 7JE1067 GOLDA daughters, who were dripping wet with solid udders and are aggressive eaters at the bunk.

Kash In Golda 38709{4} (VG-85%)

As we look to the graduation opportunities for August 11th, as I mentioned there are VALENTINO sons being considered as well as others that are Violet-free pedigrees.  Each of the bulls that we are watching have daughters that are performing well, have outstanding appraisal scores and are the type of cows that will stand the test of time and with the ability to be profitable members of your herds for many lactations.  We look forward to the genetic evaluations and are excited about the potential graduates!

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions.  And thank you for making the Jersey Revolution roll on in the All West territory!


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